Dear Shooters and Friends.

During a last days, we have received many emails, phone calls and FB messages asking for slots in the Prematch. As the main reasons, you indicated the length of the planned 5-day match, which is a major issue for your participation at the X. CZ EEO 2018 in connection with your planned WS shotgun or ERC in the rifle. After careful consideration, we decided to shorten the originally scheduled 5-day match to 3 days as you know it from this year. Please accept my apology for the changes after the registration, but we are convinced that this is the right decision in the right thing.

Yours sincerely

Lubor Novák 
Match Director 

Change details:

  1. The starting fee is reduced to 250 Euro / 6500 CZK, (those who have already paid the original 300 Euros will be refunded 50 Euros cash back on the shooting range when registering to the match)!
  2. The match will be in the same model as this year 2017.
  3. 2. term date June 17. – 19., 2018 - capacity of 150 shooters (squads P-01 to P-09), 1. term date June 21.–23.2018 - capacity of 650 shooters (squads M-01 to M-54).
  4. All all of this information like as new Time Schedule and Basic Info is upgraded on the website – - now.

Your CZ EEO 2018 Realization team.